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Here is the good news for parents.

Kids Place is one of the most downloaded parental control on Android app with best parental control software. The app allows you to limit the screen time for your kid that will automatically turn on and turn off the apps on their smart phone as per your setting. With Kiddoware safe video player parents can control what you tube videos or videos on device kids can watch. We use the battery test of GFXBench to check whether these agreeably low temperatures are not the result of a continuous performance reduction of the installed components.

It runs the T-Rex test 30 times in succession and records both the available performance and battery consumption. Fortunately, the outcomes only deviate within a range of one percent point, which excludes throttling.

Software & Processor

While the speaker in last year's Galaxy A3 was still found on the rear, it is now situated on the handset's lower edge. Thus, sound is no longer impaired when the smartphone is placed on a table. Subjectively, the sound quality is surprisingly good for a mono speaker.

Music and voice are rendered quite naturally and balanced, and even some bass is audible. Tones are not distorted even at maximum volume, which could be a bit higher, though. We measured the speaker's sound and created a Pink Noise diagram.

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It illustrates that the mid to high frequencies of approximately Hz to 12 kHz are rendered relatively consistently. The maximum volume of Unlike the inferior headphones found in the boxes of some mid-range devices, Samsung includes a decent headset that reaps in plus points with its vivid bass and balanced sound. In terms of power consumption, the review sample does a much better job than its somewhat bigger sister model Galaxy S5 Neo.

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Although the rates have clearly climbed compared with the Galaxy A3 from , they can only be compared conditionally because we have been using a new and more accurate measuring device recently. However, OnePlus' X proves that even less is possible with better rates despite the new metrology.

The included power supply has a maximum output of 7. The Galaxy A3 cannot offer wireless charging or Quick Charge functionality. The new Galaxy A3's time has come in battery life. It is superior to the comparison devices in virtually every test. Only the Galaxy S5 Neo lasts a bit longer in full load. The comparison with Huawei's P8 lite shows just how big the advantage sometimes is: While the review sample managed a very good 14 hours and 23 minutes in video playback, the rival is depleted in not even half the time. Additional energy-saving mechanisms can be enabled to increase the smartphone's battery life even more.

Besides the standard energy-savings mode that is to save energy via reduced performance, disabled key light and reduced frame rate frequencies, an ultra-energy-savings mode is present. It strongly limits the usability of apps and switches to grayscale display mode. Samsung's reiteration of the Galaxy A3 holds many advantages. One is the stiff casing's high-quality build that tactually convinces with rounded glass at the edges and a metal bezel.

Drawbacks of this design are the non-removable battery and the slightly too sleek back. However, the device has quite a bit to offer technically. The excellent screen, the option of expanding the 16 GB internal storage via micro-SD and very long battery life are primarily convincing. Qualities that many smartphone users will appreciate. While NFC is on board, the integrated Wi-Fi module unfortunately still only supports data sharing via the 2.

Samsung's new quad-core SoC does not break any records, but it convinces with performance suitable for routine use in the Galaxy A3. In contrast to that, the quality of the installed camera modules makes a mixed impression. While photos taken in good light conditions are very compelling with their decent sharpness and good resolution, less ideal conditions often cause disappointment.

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The sluggish and frequently inaccurate auto-focus and the tendency to underexpose the photos are aggravating here. Samsung has created an especially high-quality mid-range smartphone that can primarily convince with an excellent screen and outstanding battery life. Equally priced alternatives for the Galaxy A3, which have a similar screen size, are rare. Android Smartphone Touchscreen. For the original German review, see here.

Samsung Exynos Samsung homepage Samsung notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Motorola Moto G 3. Left: volume buttons.

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Right: card slot, power button. Upper edge: microphone. Lower edge: 3. Software The Android 5. GPS indoors. GPS in a supermarket. GPS outdoors. Garmin Edge - route. Garmin Edge - underpass. Garmin Edge - section. Samsung Galaxy A3 - route.

Spy Phone Samsung GALAXY A3

Samsung Galaxy A3 - underpass. Samsung Galaxy A3 - section. Front-facing camera click for original. Primary camera click for original. Video screenshot primary camera. Camera software: Auto mode. Camera software: Pro mode. Camera software: Mode options. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images.

Platform Tools folder is, open it up, then:

Samsung Galaxy A3. OnePlus 2. Apple iPhone 6S Plus. Screenshot of ColorChecker colors. Original colors are displayed in the lower half of each patch. Allview E4. Honor 7. Google Nexus 5X. Apple iPhone 6S. Samsung Galaxy A3 - test picture.

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Accessories In addition to the compulsory brochures that include a quick-start guide and warranty conditions, the review sample was shipped with a tool for opening the card slot and a 7. Warranty Samsung's warranty covers a period of 24 months. Keyboard horizontal.

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Keyboard vertical. Subpixel grid. X-Rite i1Pro 2. Samsung Galaxy A3 x px 4. Gen XT x px 5. Outdoors in the shade. Outdoors in the sun. Outdoors in the sun with reflections. Viewing angles. Octane V2 Sunspider Mozilla Kraken 1. You just need the Android Spy Software? Please hit the button below.

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