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Press the Add Apps option inside Secure Folder and select the apps you want to protect. You can also directly download apps from Google Play inside Secure Folder.

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You can quickly access Secure Folder on your Galaxy A-series smartphone from the shortcut in the app drawer. For security purposes, Secure Folder cannot be unlocked using face unlock.

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The best part about Secure Folder is just how secure it is. You cannot easily share data from apps stored inside Secure Folder with other apps that are not a part of the folder. Plus, the data of all apps inside Secure Folder is kept separate from. You will automatically receive notifications from all apps that are moved to Secure Folder. However, the details of these notifications will be hidden by default. Whenever you move an app to Secure Folder, a secondary secure copy is automatically created.

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You will have to set up the Secure Folder version of the app again as data from your originally installed app will not be carried forward. This is a side effect of the additional security that is offered by Secure Folder. If you can look past this issue though, Secure Folder on the Galaxy A20, A30, A50, and other A-series smartphone is easily the best and safest way to secure your files and apps.

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Drop a comment and let us know! Sign up for our AndroidBeat Daily newsletter to get the top Android news stories and tips delivered to your inbox. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy. This type of "lock" is better for people looking to avoid suspicion.

Having a lock code on an app may carry the question, "Why is this app locked? Very slick indeed.

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When I said this application is loaded, I wasn't lying. Other than locking applications you can also add apps to the Screen list.

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Apps added to this list will automatically keep the screen ON. Similarly, apps added to the Rotation list will NOT auto-rotate when opened, unless of course the app can only run in landscape mode.

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You can add Multiple Passwords for different apps, making your apps even more difficult to access. You can also enable Observer , a feature that uses the front facing camera to discreetly snap a picture of the snooper. You can also use the Smart App Protector as your default lock screen. In addition, you can remotely lock listed applications or all applications via SMS. Smart App Protector is a robust application that is great for folks with privacy concerns or those that just looking for cool additions to their GS3. Thanks for the review.

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I use app lock for a while now and its very good. Note that it can be easily bypassed by uninstalling it so you must lock the uninstaller app as well. But even then its easily bypassed by connecting through cable and uninstalling it with adb. If you want to give your device to someone for a while, say a lab or someone borrowing it, you have to make sure to Log Out all your accounts so that they can't use it with your credentials. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

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