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I think that's an interesting point. I think this is a really innovative solution to the notch vs bezel problem, so perhaps in time it will evolve. I have been resisting mirrorless cameras for a few years and now I think my current DSLR will be my last. For those who will have cancer in the future, keep using wireless stuff like phones I know what you mean. I have looked up the topic too. However, many wired headset has potential risk as well because of the conducting cable it is an antenna.

Pick you poison. Personally I would not use any headsets that put BT receiver near head. But I was bashed because of that too. You can't do that with Bluetooth. So I'll definitely go to the safer option.

I've heard that are already cases of brain cancer in longtime users of wireless headsets. By the way. Tooooo much expensive to move to mirrorless. And if you get an adapter for your lenses, you'll loose focus performance and it will get as heavy as a dslr. No thank you for me ;. I have a dozen expensive high T-rated ferrit cores I bought from mouser and put them on my headphones to suppress noise. All others are manual so it doesn;t matter too much. Nah, this rotating camera thing won't catch on.

Just a gimmick that adds unnecessarily to the length of the device. A better idea would be to provide some sort of automatic lens cap - I've seen so many smartphone cameras with dirt or thumbprints on their tiny lenses, that destroy detail and contrast. This rotating thing looks great to me. I don't see how it adds to the length of the device. That's the point isn't it, that it slides up? Still I like your idea of the lens cap. Perhaps when not in use the camera module could be positioned face down inside the phone.

Goodmeme - I thought from the illustration that the rotating lens was a permanent extension. I made the classic mistake of making a comment without properly reading the article. But that wasn't my point. I've seen countless phone images that are spoiled by muck of one sort or another partially obscuring the lens.

It usually manifests itself as loss of contrast and softened detail. I wonder if the sensor was made by Sony or Samsung, as only the former is capable of producing a true 48MP resolution image rather than an upscaled one. Unfortunately - the reality is that coveted headphone jack is going to go away at some point Wireless headphone tech is quite impressive now and while not in the same class as wired top tier cans It's not impressive if you want to use audiophile headphones, or in other words, your good enough headphones to really enjoy quality.

The wireless feature is just for replacing the wire, you don't want to recreate or duplicate your headphones collection just because of that. And mid-to-high range smartphones are good enough for quality headphones to really matter, so why would one want to use lesser headphones with them?

Samsung Galaxy A80 Accessories

You can easily get a box that you plug your old fashioned headphones in that is powered and hooks up to your cell phone's wireless headphone protocol of choice. Sure, because portability is about having as many boxes as possible around your super-thin and shiny devices. And convenience, too. Instead of simply adding a jack, they make users depend on ugly contraptions connected to the same super-thin devices. Edit: And, by the way, audiophile headphones are not "old fashioned".

They are simply devices built for people who value quality. And where the disadvantages of wireless transmission matter. Phones' pinhole size lens can not resolve 48mp resolution anyway, but may be 10mp. So 4x zoom can have very much same resolution of 1x, it can zoom in more as powerful phone chipset can fill the missing pixel.

Oppo had both the rotating camera and the slider mechanism way before Samsung did. Remember Oppo N1 and Find X?

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As i said when "slid in" they are facing back of the phone, to be used as regular cameras. Not covered or anything. When "out" they slide and rotate towards the user, to be used as selfie cameras. Okay, I see now..

Samsung Galaxy A80 review - is this the ultimate 'all screen' phone?

There are a lot of new 40MP smartphone cameras now. Combined with AI, they are getting some great resolving power. Such a shame that most phones that use 48MP sensors don't even allow users to take photos in true 48MP resolution. It's good to see that the whole smartphone industry is moving towards larger sensor size, not just increasing the number of MP, though.

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Arguably there's been both fixed popup camera designs and "flipping" camera designs in a smartphone, but the first to combine the two is this model. Do we know the sensor size? Really nice though. Could be a nice present for my mother that does not use her cellphone much, though would surely enjoy something that takes nice selfies. I'm pretty sure that even "heavy selfie shooters" on average don't actually activate the selfie camera more than times a day. That would mean a few hundred times a year. Not a biggie.

The problem is what happens if some dust or moisture go inside it. And of course, the fact that this prevent sealing the phone. I just love not caring if i got surprised by a heavy rain with my phone in the pocket. Or having it on the pool side, and even taking shots at water level, with the occasional splashes and even dives, and not worrying about loosing the significant investment these days in the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A80 A805F 128GB Duos Unlocked GSM Phone w/ 48MP Triple Camera - Phantom Black

No matter how nice a spin you put to it, fact of the matter is that removing a very popular connector is doing only one thing. Cut costs and removing user choice. And in a world where that wired connection is still better and requires no batteries to remember to charge, i think it's a bad move. Apple does that kind a think brilliantly. Come up with a solution that only benefits them and branding it as a feature that helps users. It only helps them and companies that copy their solution.

Bad Thing: Selfie camera is so clear and sharp, selfie picture takers don't want that as you can see their pimples, black heads, etc. Lots of people complaining about no headphone jack. Nothing hard about that. Wireless connectivity is the way to go. They're great, but the battery doesn't last forever I have a bunch of wireless earphones.

I've got my first one in, I don't know, ? Yet I strongly prefer wired ones: better quality, cheaper, more convenient again, the batteries and mine last forever. Also I don't look like a douche with those white buds announcing I have an iPhone or its imitation. No HP jack, no thanks. No way i could go from my LG with a quad dac to the miserable fidelity of wireless. Here's one example: The other day I wanted to share a video with my grand daughter. She has her own earphones, just plugged into my phone and watched. Microsoft came up with that dreadful iPod imitation, Zune, that just didn't do anything right.

One of the unbelievably useless "features" that showed its corporate nature was the ability to "share" songs - more specifically, share something like second snippets, over BT in fact I believe.

Samsung's Galaxy A80 is mad phone design at its best, and it's coming in July

As a reaction to that, Steve Jobs himself said If you wanna share a song with a girl, you don't send her a second trailer. You take your earbud out of your ear and put it in her ear. Although you might not like it I think we all just learn to move on over time. I can understand why someone would not want to deal with wires when jogging Works for you, cool. But then we come to silliness like using a BT adapter in order to plug in my regular wired headphones - and now I'm lost.

Where the hell is ANY advantage of going wireless this way?